Envision Festival 2017 Costa Rica – Announces Incredible First Phase Lineup

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 1, 2016
Envision Festival – Costa Rica 2017
Announces Incredible First Phase Lineup
Envision Festival – Costa Rica, the transformative festival dedicated to awakening human potential and our fundamental connection with nature, is ecstatic to announce the world-class music, movement, yoga, education and speaking lineup for its seventh annual gathering. Attendees will be surrounded by the lush, mountainous rainforests and sparkling sandy Pacific beaches of Uvita, Costa Rica. The festival runs from February 23rd to 26th, 2017.
With the goal of creating a festival that represents a harmonious blend of many different cultures, the festival brings together musical acts, inspiring speakers and talented instructors from countries spanning four continents. Since its inception as a backyard event in 2011, Envision Festival has now blossomed into an internationally-acclaimed gathering centered on participants immersing themselves in the Festival’s take on a utopian tropical village of likeminded community. One of the main goals of the event is for participants to walk way inspired to make positive change in their life.  Collaborative art projects, musical performances and yoga and educational workshops happen daily, along with sunset celebrations at the close of each day.
Headlining musical acts include a rare Central American performance by the legendary New Zealand native Opiuo, as well as Chicago live dance music trio Autograf. Rising Appalachia will serenade the Sol Stage with their unique justice-seeking lyrics delivered by the soulful sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith. From the Deep House genre, the Montreal Canadian duo Blond:ish join co-Lapa headliner Acid Pauli, and will be performing sets they have been mastering from their current home of Barcelona. Georgia-born Zach Deputy will be performing his beloved reggae/funk/soul fusion jams and entertaining dance-ready festival goers.
In addition to all the incredible headlining performances, Random Rab returns to deliver another world-renowned crowd-pleasing sunrise set in the jungle. Back for his seventh time, Rab, along iwth Costa Rica’s live electronic world beat trio Santos&Zurdo, are the only two artists who have performed at every Envision Festival since 2011.
The inside tip from the event’s producers is to look out for some of their personal favorite “up and coming producers,” including CharlestheFirst, Clozee, Goopsteppa and Tryptich, along with unforgettable sunrise shows from Of Porcelain and Frameworks.
Envision’s emphasis on creating a platform for health & wellness resonates throughout the entire event and is especially evident in the yoga and movement village. This area features an inspiring lineup of world-class yoga instructors, speakers, and educators including the founder of the Goddess Yoga Project and renowned instructor Sianna Sherman. The yoga and movement village also includes the founder of Kids in Motion, Nosara, as well as The Sacred Arts Space music and dance-inspired by Amber Ryan and The Bridge Practice founder, Kevin Courtney.
Attendees can also practice elevating instruction from Envision Yoga Program Director and co-founder of The Avahana School of Yoga, Ashleigh Sergeant, and Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis, tantric and yogic studies scholar. This year, Envision will also have the renowned Hoopalicious hosting a Hoop Dance workshop designed specifically to bring fun back to core exercise.
To accompany this incredible musical and yoga line-up is an awe-inspiring group of individuals set to inspire Envision attendees with an array of talks and workshops. Those individuals include John Perkins, the author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, as well as Burning Man Founders Crimson Rose and Will Roger Peterson. Some of the other creative and stimulating personalities include environmental superstar, Summer Rayne Oakes, and Erin Schrode, the youngest woman to ever run for U.S. Congress. Leah Song and Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia will be leading a “Global Song” workshop, and there will be a presentation by Kip Andersen, the writer of the environmental documentary “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.”
Particularly exciting and new to Envision this year is the Thursday night village event that will feature a series of 20 minute TEDTM inspired talks to give participants a taste of the wealth of knowledge to be offered in the weekend to come.
Also on the schedule are events at The Village Witches workshop space, which will bring medicinal plant herbalists on an incredible journey. Highlights from this series include ongoing education from accomplished herbalists 7Song and Sarah Wu, along with Envision festival co-founder and resident permaculture expert Stephen Brooks. Additional instructional opportunities range from bilingual language classes and African dance to Tai Chi and biomechanical alignment. See below for the full list of workshops and speakers released in this Initial announcement.
Envision is a true festival of the future, encompassing a cultural movement, a regenerative permaculture movement, a spiritual gathering, and an appreciation of humanity and the planet.
“I believe that by gathering in community out in nature, we create a rare opportunity for individuals to observe their value systems and inherent human motivations from a new or alternative perspective that is free of social conditioning. At a successful event, participants capture this moment and create from it a forever lasting positive impression.” – says
If you haven’t already observed the beautiful environment and enchanting wonderment from the 2016 gathering, we welcome you to watch the official recap HERE. The unique Costa Rican backdrop of Envision provides a plethora of assorted opportunities for the adventurous traveler. Enjoy surfing at sunset, trek to magnificent waterfalls, and camp in the lush jungles of the tropical landscape. Envision is the ultimate adventure for living life differently in community.
A Note to Our Community:
Beach sunset enthusiasts and appreciators of all nature’s beauty will be excited to know that the Envision team promises to have beach access available for sunset this year. During the 2016 event, abnormally high tides and strong rip currents created life threatening swimming conditions during sunset and the producers were forced to make the heart breaking decision to close a little earlier than hoped each day. The tide charts are in our favor this year and all should be ready for four days of warm, crimson, breathtaking sunsets on Playa Hermosa.
As part of extended efforts to spread Envision’s core values, the festival is launching a series of Education Retreats where those who wish to expand their experience beyond the festival may continue to learn and heal. In 2017, these will include Pre and Post ethnobotanical Costa Rican tours, an Herbal Medicinal Clinic, a post festival on-site Shamanik Yoga decompression, and a special Envision Experience Retreat at one of the co-founders’ permaculture communities nearby in Uvita. Stay tuned for more information on these experiences in the coming weeks.
Performance, art and installation lineups are on the way. Click here to get your 4-day Envision Festival pass!
For ongoing updates, make sure to connect with us on social media; all official sites listed below. If you would like to take part in shaping the future of Envision, please keep an eye out for the participant submission forms, available on the new website that is launching in mid-November, 2016.
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