New Resident DJs of Basstream Radio on – 2BE, Ely Manzo and Diggabeatz

We’re honored and stoked to introduce the newest additions to the Glitch.FM family and the Basstream Radio roster! We think they all make superb additions to our line up and are confident you’ll be pleased with the music and content they bring to the table.

*drum roll please*


Diggabeatz at EVE 2011 250px

of the Fader Freekz

Salt Lake City, UT

Abandoned at birth and raised by a pack of wild boomboxes, Diggabeatz rose from the depths of Hip Hop’s infancy and emerged a life-long Fader Freek and Ambassador of The Galactic Funk! As the funkiest cyborg in the galaxy, he travels The Milky Way spreading DiggaLove and teaching young Digga’s everywhere the Funky Ways of The Force.


Diggabeatz on Soundcloud

 ELY MANZO aka Go-Low

ely psychedelic dj pic 250px

Divine Movement Sound Sytem

Mt. Shasta, CA

Ely Manzo is a multi genre DJ based out of Mt. Shasta, California. His styles range from psy bass, to deep house, to minimal techno and psytrance. As a true believer in the goodness of quality music, he always strives to support the most cutting edge and original artists. He is also the co­founder of the Divine Movement production crew, co-­owner of the Divine Movement Sound system, and an aspiring producer.

Ely Manzo aka Go-Low on Soundcloud


Latter Day Dub2BE

Sacramento, CA

2BE started spinning records in the year 1999. His styles have progressed throughout the years from all sounds electronic to turntablism, hip hop, mashup and every where in between. 2BE has played all over the west coast. Founding frontman of the LATTER DAY DUB crew, 2BE has shared the stage with the likes of  N-Type, Caspa, Rusko, Antiserum, Roomate, The Others, Eskmo, Von D, Matty G, Tunnidge, Skrillex, Djunya, 6blocc, Babylon System and many more.

2BE on Soundcloud

With our freshly acquired talent and the continued support from current hosts; Nick Bliss, Heavenly Father, Mixotic, Saint VII and Dave Sweeten, 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Basstream Radio and the Glitch.FM community! Feel free to give a warm shoutout to our new resident DJs in the shoutbox on our home page. We also invite you to explore the website and become aquainted with the blog and show schedule to stay current with forthcoming broadcasts and announcements. For convenience, be sure to join the mailing list to have our recent news sent straight to your inbox so you never miss a show again!

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