Random Rab Announces New Album Formless Edge + Summer 2017 Tour Dates

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Random Rab Announces New Album Formless Edge + Summer 2017 Tour Dates


June 8, 2017 A luminary of the West Coast’s psychedelic-bass music diaspora, Random Rab rises to occasion with Formless Edge, his eleventh full-length solo opus, to be released on June 16, 2017 and available for pre-order now. The sommelier of sacred returns to the collective consciousness with 15 songs that unveil an ever-evolving kaleidoscope of styles, each embedded with his idiosyncratic codings and vintage visceral vibration. Placing a focus on fidelity, and the delicate dalliance betwixt the organic and electronic, Formless Edge transmits a bold frontier in sound design that incorporates over 30 unique instruments and features collaborations with Lapa, Rigzin, Kyrstyn Pixton, Jason Kalidas, and Peia.


I’ve been approaching my electronic sound in a new way, focusing on analog frequencies and fidelity. As opposed to simply computer generated tones, I treat electronic sound like an instrument. I pull digital sounds into the analog realm to bring up the resolution and bring it back in so it’s actually a pristine analog recording” explains Rab.  


Formless Edge beckons introspection, and lures imagination from the outside in. First single “Gimme That Hope” is the Formless Edge embarkation point, and Rab captains a patient and spirited build. “A Little More Free” is a mantra for self-empowerment, mined from a personal journey inward, Rab speaking to, and from, the soul. Rab reconnects with beloved co-creator Rigzin on the sublime “Bodhicitta”, the duo weaving another remarkable rumination together, continuing their decade-long skyward trajectory.   


Watch the mesmerizing video for lead single “A Little More Free” here.

An ethereal passage through the nascent “Outpost Aurora” arrives at “Parallels”, a definitive juxtaposition. One of three collaborations with Lapa, the song unearths fertile soil in the eternal search for new land. “Redacter” is an older composition given new life, the obtuse groove rings familiar. It’s the tried and true, glitchy-glue that first seduced a wandering spirit over to Rab’s storied career. The prominent violin and majestic resolution hark back to the glories of yesterday, whilst shining a light on the morrow.   


Amid the minimalist programming and trademark electro Rab flourishes in Formless Edge, one will hear the fruits of Rab’s laborious, inventive experimentalism. Rab incorporates a variety of sonic ingredients and instruments to create his vast, far reaching canvases from Elektron’s Analog 4 and Heat to a laundry list of vintage analog synths from Moog and Korg. Rab also embeds various field recordings from nature and unveils mystical sounds from the guzheng (21 string Chinese harp), tan bo and lei bo (Chinese guitars), a 100 year old piano, the ubiquitous Fender Stratocaster, duduk, tambura, and more. Chief collaborator Lapa is well versed in antiquity, and utilizes the oud, violin, mandolin, and percussion on his contributions to Formless Edge.

Formless Edge is available on June 16 via major digital outlets. Pre-order on Bandcamp and iTunes. Special edition audiophile 24 bit aiff flash drive and Formless Edge 6×6 8-page book of artwork is also available via Bandcamp.


In support of the new album, Random Rab will tour this summer with ten cities across North America and Hungary. Dates listed below or find out more here.


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Formless Edge Track List:

  1. Gimme That Hope
  2. Curiosity
  3. A Little More Free (listen)
  4. Outpost Aurora
  5. Parallels (feat. Lapa)
  6. Lucid Interval
  7. Thunder Shadow
  8. Redacter (feat. Lapa)
  9. Formulates in Darkness (feat. Kyrstyn Pixton)
  10. Water Chandelier
  11. Bodhicitta (feat. Rigzin)
  12. Time Reel (feat. Lapa)
  13. Heavenly Light
  14. Sepulcher (feat. Jason Kalidas)
  15. Repose (feat. Peia)


See Random Rab Live this Summer 2017:


Jun 08-11     EarthRythms Festival, MN

Jun 16          Sonic Bloom Festival, CO

Jun 17          Playthink Festival, KY

Jun 22-25     Big Surreal Festival, CA

Jul 01-02      5 Points Gathering, CA

Jul 15           Northern Nights Festival, CA

Aug 1-6        O.Z.O.R.A Festival, Hungary

Aug 11-14    Shambhala Festival, BC

Aug 18-21 Global Eclipse Gathering, OR

Sep 1-4         Burning Man Festival, NV


About Random Rab


A luminary of the West Coast’s psychedelic-bass music diaspora, Random Rab (born Rab Clinton) has served as a vessel for messages within our hearts since 1998. More than just a DJ or producer, Rab has evolved into a whimsical wizard, creating songs of faith and devotion, and inspiring a generation of dreamers to go deeper. The master of ceremony returns with his eleventh full-length album Formless Edge in 2017; it is yet another in a vaunted vault of masterpiece theater. A sorcerer’s gumbo of cosmic Kirtan, Evangelical folk and holy-ghost Gospel, set atop enduring, minimalist foundations, Rab’s storied songbook is an amalgam of inspiration; of deftly blended instrumentation over organic electronics, the sonics of nature, and a mystical healing curandero.


Throughout his career, Random Rab has blurred the boundaries between genres, immersing himself in music as medicine and the cultures that surround. Often a festival headliner, his patient, provocative journeys – for both sunrise and sunset – have become the stuff of legend the world over from Lightning in a Bottle to Boom to Northern Nights to Shambhala to his seven consecutive Costa Rican sunrises at Envision Festival. His celestial ceremonies in Black Rock City have become Burning Man rites of passage. Random Rab has even been tapped to score the onset of the forthcoming Great American solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, captaining a fantastic voyage at the monumental Global Eclipse Gathering.




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