Rigzin – PROTECTION ~ Ancient Prayers for Radical Compassion Kickstarter

Our good friend Rigzin is running a kickstarter campaign for her latest album – wont you please check it out and support?

PROTECTION ~ Ancient Prayers for Radical Compassion


      At the End of the Dark Times, A Great Army Will Arise, and the Final Battle will Ensue. Yet No Weapons will be Wielded, No Blood will be Shed. Soley by Great Wisdom and Love, We will Awe and Overpower by our Brilliant Splendor.  Magnitizing All Negative Forces, Uniting All Beings on the Path of Loving Kindness.

The prayers and mantras on the album PROTECTION are an ancient spiritual technology, passed down to us today through the traditional lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. Even to hear these prayers has immeasurable benefit. Protecting us from all kinds of harm, illness, and misfortunes. Ultimately destroying the obscurations that prevent us from revealing our enlightened, loving and kind true nature, inherent in us all. Enveloping us in the blessing of this unbroken lineage, of great practitioners, who through incalculable efforts of selfless discipline and devotion, have prayed for the awakening of all beings without exception.


On a deeper level of understanding, for (our) spiritual development, PROTECTION is about protecting beings from one’s own mind’s negativities  so that one’s inherent Awakened Nature can be revealed. Buddhist philosophy believes nothing is external. All of our experiences are self created. An example of this from the teachings: If the ground is full of thorns, one cannot cover the entire ground in leather, but if one puts leather on the soles of one’s feet, then one can walk across even a field of sharp weapons. If one has anger and blames its cause on outer conditions, it will never cease. If one recognizes and conquerors one’s own anger, only then does it cease to manifest externally.  The only way we can change the outer conditions is by changing our own (inner) mind. So for us ordinary beings, the prayers on the album PROTECTION support us to dispel our own negativities, purify our karma, and ultimately reveal our inherent awakened nature, enlightenment .

  The one who conquers oneself is greater than one who conquers an army of 10,000.       ~ the Buddha

PROTECTION is the wrathful aspect of enlightenment. These are more advanced, swifter and powerful than the peaceful practices. In these “degenerating times,” the great highly-realized ones practice these wrathful practices.  What makes these practitioners great, more advanced, is that the practitioner must be unequivocally steeped to the deepest core of their being in selflessness and loving kindness. I explain it like this: If a child was wandering into a busy street, a mother would not be peaceful and say calmly, “Oh sweetheart, please come out of the road.” This would be analogous to a peaceful method of practice. A mother steeped in the purest, selfless, loving concern for the child would grab the child by the hair or arm, or what ever would be necessary to save the child from danger. Seemingly wrathful, yet firmly, unquestionably, rooted in selfless compassion. So on this level, PROTECTION is about radical selfless compassion.

In these critical times of the destruction of the planet and the division among people, these prayers are supportive and timely. Focusing our prayers, especially on the negative beings, those who create harm, and remembering the core essence of our awakened nature that connects us all. These beings perpetrate negativity causing harm to others out of ignorance.  Ultimately creating more suffering for themselves, becoming farther removed from their inherent nature, the source of true happiness that we all  seek.

For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time, hatred ceases by love. This is an unalterable law.~ the Dhammapada

      Like one flash of lightning illuminates the whole night sky, one spark can ignite a blazing flame.  You are the spark, you are the light, you are the blazing fire.  Like the radiance of the sun, whose light shines on all without exception,  so our pure intention shines forth.  Like one lamp can illuminate the next, one thought touches all.   Illuminate the lamp within.  Stretch out your lightning hands of compassion, through the boundless reaches of space.   With the wish to bring benefit to all.

Track for PROTECTION with SaQi


   PROTECTION is the third in a trilogy of albums.  First, UNION, then TRANSITION ~ Prayers for the dead and dying.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rigzin/transition-cd-release (kickstarter for TRANSITION)

rigzin.bandcamp.com  (purchase albums here)

Now is the time for the prayers on the album PROTECTION, to be released.  All  art work has/will be done by one of todays most prominent visionary artists, Android Jones  www.androidjones.com

Cover Photograph by  S.Flynn  www.flynnworks.com

BUDGET:    With the completion of two successful albums, this is the  opportune time, with proper promotion and distribution to take this work to a much vaster audience. The more funding available, the quicker PROTECTION can be released into the world, extending out into in a vast and positive way.


Album Completion, Printing, Mastering, Promotion, Distribution, Merchandise, Shipping, Graphics, Logo, Video, Kickstarter/Amazon fees….There are infinite expenses, I cannot do this without your support. The more support available the faster, easier and more professional PROTECTION can be.

For every purchase a tree will be planted, decreasing global warming and  improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands.   www.treesforthefuture.org

Risks and challenges

All the tracks for the album have been recorded, and all but the last few are now out with the producers. There is still a long way to go. Over these many years I have put my heart and soul into this rigzinmusic project. All the other incredible artist involved have also offered their time and talent to support this work. Without being able to do the music production myself, I am reliant upon others. Everyone is busy, and working on their own projects. Even with a funded kickstarter I could never afford to pay people to do this. So there is a lot of waiting for the producers to have the time to work on this project. Everyone wants to, with the best of intention, but to actualize things takes time, persistence and patience. In the mean time, with part of these funds, I am going to take a online course in music production. I already have the next (infinite) album in my heart/mind, and I will be working on the two simultaneously!!!! Thank you for your support.



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