Satisfy Your Wandering Ears at Symbiosis Gathering 2015 by Christian Cortes

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Satisfy Your Wandering Ears at Symbiosis Gathering 2015

Less than a week out until Symbiosis Gathering opens its gates up to the west coast for a weekend of visionary electronica, otherworldly art, transformative workshops, imaginative performances and oh so much more. With one of (if not THE) best lineups of the year, Symbiosis is taking everything we know about the transformational experience and scaling it up to create a extrasensory playground where almost anything you imagine can unfold. For those moments when the ears need rest, art boats, swimming, non-sonic entertainment, healing spaces and permaculture will run like clockwork to create a wonderland that never sleeps.

…But since this is a music website, and we LOVE to dance, we’d like to break down some of the music we think you shouldn’t miss.

Here’s a piece of the sonic path we’ll be weaving through our weekend at the Woodward Reservoir this September 17-20th.

Thursday – Get Your Blood Moving with the Desert Hearts Crew

If you’ve been paying attention to west-coast dance music at all over the previous year, you know that Desert Hearts has been growing into all but a household name. With strong burner roots and a high-vibe SoCal scene to fuel its irresistible house beats, Desert Hearts’ six-hour sound block unfolding at Juketown on Thursday night will be THE spot to get your dance on once you break camp. Afterward, connect to your primal roots by heading to The Spring, where temple bass producer Deya Dova’s tapestry of mystical sound will prepare your mind for the myriad of sounds to come.

Friday – Shpongle Beach Party into a Kaminanda Sunset

Summer is almost over but the forecast for the Woodward Reservoir looks sunny with a chance of psychedelic beats on Friday afternoon by the lakeside. Surrender to the flow of music emanating from Swimbiosis, a beachside stage where you had better come prepared to get drenched with sound. Raja Ram will be speaking his own unique blend of Shponglese Friday afternoon with a solo DJ set that’s sure to set the tone and vibration for the evening. Stick around after his set to catch the ever-evolving elemental rhythms of Kaminanda, whose masterful remixes and original tunes will pair perfectly with the sunset as the collective mind prepares for Emancipator and The Polish Ambassador on the main stage.

Saturday – Nourish Yourself with Carbon Based Lifeforms

If you’ve been drinking from the electronic music cup for more than a few years, odds are that ambient music fills a special warm place near your heart. Though ecstatic dance in the face of pummeling bass can be intoxicatingly fun, the mind and body crave nourishment from time to time, which is where Symbiosis’s Spring Stage comes into play. Swedish ambient duo Carbon Based Lifeforms will be taking this stage into sunset Saturday night with a rarely heard mixture of organic and synthetic downbeat sounds that will be the perfect score to get your mind into the rhythm of the night.

Once you’re turned on, b-line it over to The Grotto to continue fueling up for your night with the second half of Merkaba’s deep psytrance set. Be sure to check back in with Treavor Moontribe later that evening if you fancy a good dance before returning to The Spring to get weird with fractal computer bass puppeteer Andreilien.

SundayJourney Through Space and Time with Shamanic Bass

You can call Kalya Scintilla and Desert Dwellers downtempo if you want, but experienced on a dance floor, these sacred bass masters deliver a mystical experience operating on frequencies you may have never known existed. Accompanied by spellbinding stage performances, ritual bass tones flowing with textural complexity, spacious energy and chasmic beats will emanate from The Spring stage, enticing you to toss your shoes away as you hone your connection with the earth. Fresh Desert Dwellers tunes from their new remix album of The Great Mystery will surely be in store for anyone opening their chakras during this shamanic power hour, so be sure to drop in before you tune out for the final high-vibe night of the festival.  

Symbiosis looks to be a powerful end to a summer filled with a nearly endless flow of fresh music. With a few unscheduled surprises in store for attendees (the mystery regarding Tipper’s unlisted set remains unsolved!) and more performances than any writer could hope to preview or cover, attendees should be prepared to move with the flow and expect the unexpected.

Bring a good pair of shoes, a swimsuit and the best vibes you’ve got because this festival is going to be one for the books!




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