Seven Psychedelic Sounds Not to Miss at Symbiosis Gathering 2016


With only one month to go before Symbiosis Gathering returns for the second (and final) time to central California’s scenic Woodward Reservoir, the time is fast approaching that audiophiles will begin crafting their “must see” spreadsheets and strategizing how to maximize their sonic intake as they return to this year’s much-anticipated festival landscape.
Originally scheduled to take a break until the Oregon solar eclipse in 2017, Symbiosis organizers received outlets’ praises of 2015’s epic summer-ending bash with open ears and hearts and decided to deviate from plans to host a festival in 2016.
Thankful for an opportunity to return to the kaleidoscopic landscape of this festival again, we’ve compiled a short and potent list of some of the psychedelic music acts we’re especially thrilled to be experiencing on the lake this year.

Birds of Paradise (Tech-Fusion)
Fusing heavy-hitting tech and trance elements with organic instrumentation and natural audio samples, producer-duo Birds of Paradise’s bio-synthetic soundscapes feel like walking through a futuristic world where nature and technology have found an ecstatic middle ground. The collaborative product of two independent producers—Bird of Prey and Gibson (both of whom will also be powering Symbiosis with their own sets)—Birds of Paradise is ripe for revelers seeking progressive buildups, dazzling psychedelic textures and full-bodied kinetic sound.

Desert Dwellers (Psychedelic Bass)
An otherworldly blend of tribal psybass, live world music and circus art, the Desert Dwellers Live Experience is a hypnotic spectacle that bridges Cirque du Soleil-like stage performance with the mind-bending sounds of psychedelic bass. It presents onlookers with a story of theatrics, sonic mastery, and expert choreography with a combined effect that epitomizes the term “synesthetic” and must be experienced firsthand to be comprehended.

Hedflux (Psychedelic Tech Funk)
Occupying a luminous space between psychedelic trance and groovy, bass-centric breaks, Hedflux’s funky and technical twists on uptempo electronica satisfy that itch for fast movement while operating beyond the realm of conventional time signatures and beat patterning. With a sound style regarded as “psy-tech-funk,” Hedflux will be bringing his Jedi-like talents to Symbiosis the weekend before releasing his new album, ensuring an especially colorful soundscape for all who attend his massive set. Do not miss this one!

Kaya Project Live (World Fusion)
Kaya Project brings together the far-drawn sounds of world music—classical instrumentation, tribal grooves and exotic vocals—with the danceable beats of downtempo electronica to create what might be best described as “desert music.” Masterminded by genre-hopping producer Seb Taylor (Hibernation, Digitalis, Shakta), Kaya Project Live incorporates a swath of live instrumentalists for what is sure to be a sonic spectacle for those seeking a departure from purely-synthetic sounds echoing through the reservoir the whole weekend.

Ott and the All-Seeing I (World Dub/Melodica)
An abstract anomaly oozing with a tangy spectrum of fluid psychedelic tones, bass-heavy rhythms, groovy melodies and spaced-out interludes, Ott packs decades of immersion in the depths of organic dub and polished electronica in an entrancing sound package that can only described by its quirky, devious ways. Bringing a live instrumental element into his electro-organic soundscapes (the “All Seeing I” part), Ott’s performance should not be missed by any soul seeking a fully-immersive sonic adventure.

Sun:monx (Instrumental Glitch)
A throwback to the instrumental age of psychedelic music, Sun:monx is the collaborative project of high-vibe instrumental-glitch producer Austero and funky glitch specialist Opiuo. Paired best with oversized sunglasses, unbuttoned Acapulco shirts and fruity cocktails with little umbrellas, Sun:monx infuses chunky glitch beats with some of the grooviest guitar lines you’ve heard to create something wholly unique and 100% worth braving the sun and heat to see.

Tongue & Groove (Psychedelic Techno)
Defying categorization into any single genre, U.K. duo Tongue & Groove blurs the lines between progressive house, techno and psychedelic trance with a motley array of richly-textured, high-powered tech tracks. Distilling global dance culture’s numerous identities into a singular soundtrack, these underground music vets are poised to bring their tantalizing flavor of psychedelic techno to Symbiosis in a matter that will leave house-heads, techno lovers and psytrance fanatics thirsting for more.

Embed Links
Birds of Paradise – Riding the Froth –

Desert Dwellers – AtYyA – Oceanic (Desert Dwellers Remix) –

Hedflux – Frequency Less – Busted (Hedflux Remix) –

Kaya Project – Firedance –

Ott – 16mm Summer Day –

Sun:monx – Rokkit Snott –

Tongue & Groove – Amnesiak –

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