Startribe’s 3rd Annual Uniting of the Tribes in NM this weekend promises to be an epic gathering – schedule and full lineup released

(Presales end Thursday 11am)

The 3rd Annual Uniting of the Tribes, taking place in a land of epic beauty, high on a desert mesa, at the foot of the southern Rocky Mountains, is going to be extra special and not to be missed! Prepare for what will be an unforgettable experience, getting down with your tribe to the best lineup ever to happen in New Mexico. What dance in the outdoors does for the soul is of a brilliance beyond words, thus why it is our passion. Note – The dancefloor will be illuminated by a large pueblo bonfire in the sweet spot, like at every StarTribe.

This location, paired with top-notch bands draws the perfect symmetry between music & nature. With space available for camping & luxury Airstreams for rent, you can stay the night to truly appreciate the views & experience, night & day. Camping is available on site at Hotel Luna Mystica.

Taos Mesa Brewing is the perfect venue for our festival, offering a one of kind venue with a combination of great acoustics, great beer, & food. Food provided by Taos Mesa Brewery & Infinity Superfoods. Stay tuned for news about food trucks featuring smoothies, breakfast, & more!

About the Musicians…

A sleeping giant of the electronic music world, Douglas Appling – more commonly known as Emancipator – has quietly established himself as a mainstay in the electronic music scene since the release of his debut album, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough in 2006. Classically-trained as a violinist from an early age, Appling’s organic approach to electronic music production draws inspiration from a wide range of international cultures and musical genres, culminating in a refreshingly authentic brand of electronic music that has infiltrated global consciousness.

Ever wanted some extra funk in your life? What about some warm syrupy bass sauce to compliment your daily adventure? Well now you can have all that and more within the perfectly crafted sonic soundscape that is Opiuo. A Kiwi who now calls Australia home, Opiuo has performed alongside the likes of MC Hammer and Bassnectar, reached #1 chart positions on Beatport, Addictech, and iTunes. His latest full length release, “Slurp And Giggle” was nominated for Best Dance / Electronic Release at the Australian Independent Music Awards and was the most downloaded album for 2010 on In turn, inspiring and captivating people all over with his highly original and uncontrollably addictive take on fun fueled electronic music.

Andrei Olenev first emerged as HEYOKA on the San Francisco underground glitch/bass scene in 2006. By 2009 he was touring extensively and quickly became a staple sound in the rapidly growing bass music scene of North America. With a constantly evolving, original style, he stood out amongst bass music producers as one who keeps the vibe going strong while venturing to explore new realms of sonic experience. Andrei has brought his signature sound to North American festivals including: Symbiosis, Sonic Bloom, Raindance, Lightning in a bottle, Big Bounce, Alchemeyez, and large Burning Man sound camps such as Nexus, El circo, Temple of Boom, Entheon Village, Roots Society and Fractal Nation. So, for a sonic journey so thick you can smell it, keep listening to signals from beyond for Andreilien playing in a noosphere near you…

Robert Jacob Max is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer based in Denver, Co. His extensively layered soundscapes and penchant for cinematic storytelling take listeners on a truly extraordinary adventure through unique rhythms and poignant melodies. Part composer, part comedian, Supersillyus commands an army of synths and sounds with the computer to enchant more than just the brain with his live electronic performances. Robert’s passion for his uniquely expressive and creative brand of instrumental storytelling is exemplified not just by his multiple support performances with visionary musicians Shpongle, Tipper, and Ott, but also by his musical contributions to renowned art institutions such as COSM and Meow Wolf; and by his production and performance collaborations with bass music masterminds Space Jesus, Yheti, and more.

In Templo’s music, you will hear all original compositions, found especially in his latest releases, which include the 4 track EP’s Sunrise vol. I, Sunrise vol. II, Walk With Me and Life Cycles. In the last two years, Templo has played alongside some of the top experimental producers such as Shpongle, Ott, Kalya Scintilla, Random Rab, The Polish Ambassador, EOTO and Bluetech. Appearing at festivals such as Envision, Gem & Jam, Sonic Bloom, Once Upon A Festival and Arise Music Festival, Templo presents a unique live experience incorporating downtempo, trip-hop and dub elements, with deep melodic bass.

Soulacybin was incubated as pure auditory information, coded deep in alien realms of distant, future space. This auditory entity was sequenced into the DNA of a mushroom spore, then propelled through time and space on a trajectory for Planet Earth. Upon arriving on our planet, the spore germinated in the form of Earth music, bringing its intricately coded information to us through precisely arranged sound and vibration. Representing the bio-mechanically fused organisms of its home world, Soulacybin balances deep, squishy realms of organic dub with digital, hyper-active percussion and slimy, stretchy basslines. Thriving on the nervous system of musician John LaBoone, Soulacybin is here to bring its yet-unknown alien message to lovers of deep, patient, thoughtful music.

Whitebear’s sound certainly lives up to the essence of his moniker, conjuring up imagery just as majestic and awe-inspiring as the creature itself, journeying across crystalline terrain, lonely, but never alone. The songs carry signature elements, a bold, weighty gait, growling basslines and a bristling, intense nature that one does not want to test adversely, all with a very clear element of being completely at home, defending and caring for all that is sacred. Whitebear has had the pleasure of playing festivals all around the world including Strawberry Fields (AUS), Total Eclipse Festival 2012 (AUS), Deliverance (AUS), Earth Frequency (AUS), Twisted Frequency (NZ), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Ometeotl Festival (MEX), Sonic Bloom (USA), Enchanted Forest (USA), Shambhala Music Festival (CAN), and Belantara Gathering (MAS).

Original METTAmusic for the heart and soul, Stratosphere has humbly shared the stage with Random Rab, Bluetech, Kayla Scintilla, Living Light, SaQi,Govinda, Aligning Minds, Nominus, Pericles, Futexture, Higher Learning, Akara, Ilya Goldberg (from Emancipator), Kynara, and many more, and has played at festivals on both sides of the continent.

Dylan Stevens
You may know Dylan Stevens better by his previous moniker Conscious Kalling, but he’d like you to forget that. You may know Dylan Stevens as the guy who led New Mexico’s famous bass music crew Sub Culture. You can forget that too. Dylan’s music isn’t about branding, being a rockstar, or topping charts (although it has). Dylan’s music is about being true to yourself. That’s why after a decade of DJing and Producing, Dylan Stevens decided to sign his real name to his sound. Dylan’s musical style is all about 808s, wonky, global, off kilter and beautiful. If that low frequency bounce moves your booty and your soul, Dylan wants to get down, get real, and get true on the dance floor together with you.

Audio production is a form of active meditation for me; a way to center my mind and cultivate creativity. The music that is channeled reflects the state of alert calmness that one receives from practicing presence. As my experience and knowledge of sound, vibration, energy and life deepens; so my music develops as well. I am constantly learning more about frequencies, vibrations, tones, etc. and how they interact and affect our bodies and minds, weaving these ideas in to the audio production. I am fascinated/obsessed with clean and true sound, nice quality speakers and heavy bass frequencies. I love music that can be played extremely loud but not hurt your ears, causing the sound vibrations to caress your body and stroke your mind; and I love the speakers that allow us to do so.

Gary Otter is a multitalented producer/musician hailing from the San Francisco bay. He has shared stages with the likes of Ancient Mermaids, Downlink, Beak Nasty, Moniker, and many more. Blending together psychedelic bass music and smooth, futuristic sounds, o t t e r is here to take you to s p a c e.

With a total of 10 releases on Beatport, Ektoplazm, Goa Records and Pure Energy records as of 2011, Planewalker has recently become an internationally-known producer and one of the top live electronic music acts in the western United States.

Buddha Bass
BUDDHA BASS (aka Soulfood & DJ Free) is an award winning producer & composer who has 27 independent, 2 major label releases and has scored music for IMAX, Disney, PBS and National Geographic. Soulfood Music temple bass, organic instrumentation, global grooves & transglobal electronica. We love to collaborate with musicians, DJs and producers from around the world & a variety of musical genres.

As one of the most prolific song writers alive today, Sattva Ananda has been influencing the electronic music world for more than two decades. Sattva has been a long-time studio collaborator with the Desert Dwellers, and his work can be heard in some of their biggest hits. His remix of their track “Crossing the Desert” was featured on Lighting in a Bottle’s 2011 festival compilation. That same year, Sattva joined the Desert Dwellers on stage at LIB for his break out major festival performance. Sattva’s solo tracks have a deliciously psychedelic mid tempo rhythm, with sweet, and groovy textures. A life time of performing music, coupled with over 20 years in the electronic scene, gives Sattva the ability to consistently deliver a not-to-be-missed dance floor moving performance.

Adem Joel
Family Moons//Sounds Like PRiMAL!

A Trans dimensional Bio Mechanic Organism, Spreading it’s love of Fractal Geometry through Music and Vibration. Known through out the Universe as MANDELbot.



*Soul vibrating bass to be experienced by the 22 speaker high-fidelity Mesa Sound System. BOOM.

The StarTribe philosophy:
Nearly every tribal culture on our planet has considered dance to be an integral part of their culture throughout history. Modern humans are wired with the same neurological software that the tribal elders possessed. There exists an ancient memory embedded in our consciousness, & dance within the natural elements has proven to be a way of opening doorways to bring it to the surface. This type of music and dance experience no doubt does something extraordinary for the human spirit, & it is with this spirit in mind that Star Tribe presents the 3rd annual UNITING OF THE TRIBES!

This gathering has been long awaited!
Prepare to bass up & get down.

PS. Pass the word & INVITE your tribe!
PPS. Fair Warning: dancing to this amazing lineup & with your tribe for 3 days under the sun, moon & stars may cause attendees to have x-ray vision & permanently become a little nicer.

     (Presales end Thursday 11am)



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